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AH Game - Heist Card Game

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In Heist, you're a member of a group bent on getting rich quick through a series of high stakes robberies. Assemble your group of 2-4 players and plan your attack by specializing your roles.

Attempt to execute a flawless job, but rest assured that things will not go according to plan. Once you nab the loot, make a break for the warehouse and survive the getaway... if you can. Each heist has a target score. Can you reach the high score of each job?


  • Includes playmat, instruction booklet, 4 Heists, 1 start deck, 8 character cards, 2 getaway vehicle cards.
  • Box includes room for upcoming booster packs.
  • Immerse yourself in the world of Heist in the interactive Play Heist site.

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