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Being a real life princess is the stuff of dreams?or legend.

Tamaki's simple stay at her grandmother's home has turned into the revelation that she is royalty! Known as the Tamayori Princess, Tamaki is entrusted with the role of ensuring that the sword, Onikirimaru, is kept sealed least the world is destroyed from its power. This may come soon enough though, if Tamaki doesn't awaken to her role in time.

A secret group called Logos is out looking to capture the Onikirimaru during this weakened state and their not going easy. But luckily Tamaki is not alone in her duty as she is provided with five guardians from the Shogogo family, who has been charged with looking after the Tamayori Princess for centuries, to protect her.


Release Date:åÊ3 Apr 2013
Product Code: HB0045 / 046
Barcode: 9346315002058 / 2065
Runtime: 325 MIN
Number of Discs:åÊ2

Rating: M
Language: Dual Audio
Genre: Action, Drama
Studio: Studio Deen
Bonus Feature: Clean Op & Ed
Year of Production: 2012

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